2019 Conference

Association for Academic Outreach (AFAO) Annual Conference, co-hosted by University of East Anglia, at University of Warwick, Saturday April 27th 2019

This year’s conference seeks to advance critical reflections on national and international higher education outreach policy and practice and its implications for practitioners, academics, students and their communities. Papers are examining such questions  as:

  • What is the specific value and contribution of academics as ‘actors’ in outreach?
  • How is academic outreach shaped by broader concerns shaping the higher education sector including massificiation, marketisation, globalisation and precarity?
  • How can academic outreach be theorised or understood as part of academic career trajectories?
  • How do questions of (in)equity and (dis)advantage emerge through the experiences of delivering, taking part in or researching outreach?

The organising team have collated the following list of abstracts

Full details and all pre-arrival information can be found here

There are still a few final places for non-presenting attendees. Attendance is free and we are extremely keen to ensure as broad and diverse discussion of key issues in the field.

If you wish to attend, please email Trish Harris and Kristina Garner at ssf.outreach@uea.ac.uk by April 1st.

Please address any queries on the venue to Jane Bryan at J.M.Bryan@warwick.ac.uk


This conference is being supported by the UEA Widening Participation Team, a discretionary travel fund is available for individuals please contact ssf.outreach@uea.ac.uk for details.


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