The 2019 conference was hosted by the University of Warwick and supported by the University of East Anglia on 27 April 2019.

It sought to advance critical reflections on national and international higher education outreach policy and practice and its implications for practitioners, academics, students and their communities. Papers examined questions, such as:

  • What is the specific value and contribution of academics as ‘actors’ in outreach?
  • How is academic outreach shaped by broader concerns shaping the higher education sector including massificiation, marketisation, globalisation and precarity?
  • How can academic outreach be theorised or understood as part of academic career trajectories?
  • How do questions of (in)equity and (dis)advantage emerge through the experiences of delivering, taking part in or researching outreach?

The organising team have collated the following list of abstracts

Full details and all pre-arrival information can be found here


Time  Presentation Speaker 
09.00 Registration and coffee   
09.50 Welcome and housekeeping Matthew Johnson and Jane Bryan 
10.00 Introduction to session 1: Embedding HE in communities Chair: Angela O’Sullivan 
10.05 Community Engaged Universities: approaches and context (15 min +5 min for questions) Séamus Ó Tuama 
University College Cork 
10.25 Considering the impact of academic outreach with the participants of a participatory research project in a disadv- antaged area (15 min +5 min for questions) Siobhán O’Sullivan  Cathal O’Connell 
University College Cork 
10.45 Post-truth politics and public trust: how can universities regain legitimacy in the public sphere? (15 min +5 min for questions) Anil Awesti  Jim Judges 
University of Warwick 
11.05 Introduction to Session 2: Inequality and mobility Chair: Matthew Johnson 
11.10 Rethinking Disadvantage: A social capital approach to Widening Participation (15min +5 min for questions) Guillermo Alonso  Gareth Bowden 
Lancaster University 
11.30 Do Cultural Capital, Habitus or contextual sources of Social Capital in addition to school attended affect progression into HE? (15 min +5 min for questions) Jack Whybrow 
11.50 Writing Wrongs Schools Programme (15min + 5 min for questions) James Harrison  Becca Kirk  University of Warwick 
12.10 Lunch  
13.00 Introduction to Session 3: Widening Participation and Recruitment: Chair: Matthew Johnson 
13.05 Reach Out for Outreach (15 min +5 min for questions) Angela O’Sullivan 
De Montfort Univeristy 
13.25 Outreach at Coventry: Enhancement of Coventry University students’ experience through integration with the local community (15 min +5 min for questions) Sharon Williams 
Coventry University 
13.45 Blurred boundaries: Encouraging greater dialogue between student recruitment and widening participation (15 min +5 min for questions) Chris Bayes 
Lancaster University 
14.05 Introduction to Session 4: Employability and progression Chair: Emily Danvers 
14.10 Students as co-creators (5 min lightening paper + 5 min for questions) Kristina Garner 
14.20 Enhancing Student Success Through Self- Assessment and Self-Efficacy Beliefs (15min +5 min for questions) Fabio R Aricò 
14.40 Incorporating outreach into practice through curriculum design: perspectives from Initial Teacher Education (15 min +5 min for questions) Will Haywood 
University of Warwick 
15.00 Coffee  
15.15 Introduction to Session 5: Public science Chair: Séamus Ó  Tuama 
15:20 Parents in Control: the Extreme Citizen Science of Parenting Science Gang (45 min workshop) Tamasin Greenough Graham  Claire Lucas  Sophie Payne-Gifford  
University of Hertfordshire 
16:05 Our experience with national and inter- national outreach and engagement for #wormsinspace (15 min + 5 min for questions) Colleen Deane  Christopher Gaffney  Timothy Etheridge  Nathaniel Szewczyk  Bethan Phillips  
University of Exeter 
16:25 Reaching out to the hard-to-reach: a mixed-methods analysis of a pilot Welsh STEM engagement project (15 min + 5 min for questions) Rachel Bryana Mary  Gagena Will Bryana  
Swansea University 
16:45 Close and introduction to 2019/20 association coordinators Patricia Harris
Kristina Garner
Angela O’Sullivan